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By: Zachery Bonzheim


CBS recently made their own unofficial preseason “Coaches Poll”. This poll was unique in the way that all of those polled were completely anonymous and unlike the “USA Today Coaches Poll”, instead of ranking the Top 25 teams, they were asked specific questions and their answers were polled. At the bottom of the page is a link to the CBS article. The most prominent piece in the article was when CBS asked: “Who will be the best team in 2017-18?”. Results may shock some, but those who have been engaged with the numerous preseason rankings will see a lot of familiar faces. Arizona led the vote with 40%, followed by Michigan State (28%), Duke (9%), Kansas (9%), Louisville (6%), and only three other teams even received multiple votes. Those teams being Wichita State, Villanova, and Kentucky. CBS also noted that USC and Florida rounded out the top ten, but neither got more than one vote for top team in the nation. This culminates to an unofficial preseason Top-10 of:
1. Arizona  (40%)
2. Michigan State (28%)
3. Duke (9%)
4. Kansas (9%)
5. Louisville (9%)
6. Wichita State (PNA)
7. Villanova (PNA)
8. Kentucky (PNA)
9. USC (PNA)
10. Florida (PNA)

PNA=Percentage Not Available

These teams all have been considered the cream of the crop all summer. In our Mid-Summer Preseason Rankings, we had the top nine teams all in our top nine. Florida the lone exception at number 20. Coaches in the survey did not give word on Florida, but for them to climb from 20th to 10th within a couple months is quite astounding and speaks to how well they finished recruiting and how they retained talent. Below is our Mid-Summer Preseason Rankings with how they were placed compared to the recent CBS poll.


1) Michigan State (-1)
2) Arizona (+1)
3) Kansas (-1)
4) Kentucky (-4)
5) Duke (+2)
6) Villanova (+1)
7) Louisville (+2)
8) Wichita State (+2)
9) USC (0)
20) Florida (+10)

In our “A Composite “Way Too Early Top 25”” was had all top eight teams in the top ten. The most notable would be how Michigan State and USC climbed from a lower composite ranking. Michigan State went from number ten to a number two ranking. USC went from a lowly 20th in the nation to a top ten placement. When the coaches were anonymously asked about why they made their decisions, coaches cited that Tom Izzo and Sean Miller’s abilities to retain talent along with adding some clear-cut lottery picks, making them the clear top-two choices.


Duke’s most recent addition of Marvin Bagley III was seen as a large improvement to their program. Some coaches noted that Bagely’s eligibility could possibly make or break their chances of a title. Coaches noticed how Kansas was able to build a roster around seniors and juniors, making them the most experienced of all the elite teams. Many had worries about the additions of Malik Newman. Newman sat out last season after a less than impressing first season at Mississippi State. Newman is looking to turn around his college career and re-spark NBA interest with a breakout year at Kansas, but his inability to take control of the game hasn’t gone unnoticed. If Newman shines, Kansas could win it all, but if he stumbles to get into double figures and distribute the ball, he may be more harm than help. When it came to Louisville, most coaches had nothing but “what-if’s” to say. One coach had to say “Imagine how good they’d be if Donovan Mitchell returned” in regards the Cardinals.
This survey was an UNOFFICIAL poll, but it does give a great chance for college basketball geeks to take in what the coaches think about this season’s field.

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